About Ascoin

Ascoin is a digital asset issued by the AscoINDEX exchange, created by A&S Investment Holding, in 2021. Having its own blockchain network, Ascoin is built on a network independent of other networks with "doublebsha256 pow".

With Ascoin, which will work as the utility token of the AscoINDEX exchange, users will be able to participate in activities such as commission discounts, airdrop campaigns, new ICO processes and trading competitions.

In addition to all these, it will be used to sponsor the relevant departments working on blockchain technology in Turkey with the Ascoin Invest program and to provide financing for the projects of young entrepreneurs.

Ascoin's Privileges

Independent Blockchain Network

Thanks to its private blockchain network, you can complete your transaction in seconds without having to wait for minutes while transferring money.

High Speed & Low Fees

The Ascoin network has been created and optimized to process High volume transactions seamlessly and securely.

Support Team

Ascoin support team is always ready to answer your questions with its professional staff.

ASCOIN Supply Distribution


ICO Start 5 July 2021
ICO End 30 August 2021
Total Supply ASC
ICO Supply 600,000,000
Hard Cap $20m
Soft Cap $60m
Coin Price (ICO) 1 ASC = 0.01$
Payment Methods USDT, BTC, ETH, XRP, XMR, LTC, BNB, DOGE, Debit/Credit Card

We in the Press

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Bankacılıkta Dijital Dönüşüm

Digital Transformation in Banking

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ascoin whitepaper

Read The Whitepaper

The whitepaper is the source where you can learn the most about the future of a cryptocurrency project. We recommend that you read its whitepaper before investing in a coin or ICO sale.

Ascoin AirDrop

ascoin airdrop

Join to the Ascoin AirDrop

You can earn free Ascoins by participating in Ascoin AirDrop and completing tasks.

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Ascoin Wallet App

Ascoin Mobile Wallet

Cryptocurrency that is not in your wallet is not in your hands. You can carry the ascoins you bought with the Ascoin Mobile Wallet system with you at any time thanks to the Ascoin Mobile Wallet that you can download to your Android & iOS devices.

Why Should You Use Your Own Crypto Wallet?


When you store your cryptocurrencies in a wallet that does not belong to you (platforms such as exchanges, pools, etc.), you are bound to that platform for security. In case of any hack, your funds can be stolen.

Easy to Use

You can make instant transfers by simply entering the address and amount from your mobile device. All you will be asked is your security password and 2-factor verification code.

24/7 Independent Transfer

You can send/receive as many cryptocurrencies as you want, directly connected to the relevant coin network, without any quantity or time limitations.

ascoin invest
Value generating cryptocurrency

Ascoin Invest

In this program, where we allocate 200 million Ascoins (ASC) in total, we will provide financial funding for young entrepreneurs and R&D projects.

  • Young Entrepreneurs
  • Scientists with R&D Project
  • Startups developing projects in the field of Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain
  • Blockchain related departments of universities
Roadmap to Success

Our Priority Goals

We will become stronger day by day by achieving our milestones on time in the Ascoin project.

September 2021 Ascoin Pre-Request

Ascoin Pre-Request start

August 2021 Ascoin 1.AirDrop

With this campaign that we will carry out during the pre-sale, our users who complete the tasks will earn free Ascoin.

Q4 2021 Ascoin Wallet System

The Ascoin wallet system will be fully accessible on iOS & Android and the Web with the applications to be published.

Q4 2021 Ascoin Invest Project Applications

The jury will be determined by receiving applications for the Ascoin Invest program.

31 December 2021 Listing on Ascoindex and other cryptocurrency exchanges

Ascoin will be listed on at least 3 different global cryptocurrency exchanges, especially Ascoindex.

Q4 2021 Ascoin Trade Contest

An award-winning Ascoin buy/sell competition will be held on the AscoINDEX exchange.

Q1 2022 Partner Announcement

Our agreed partners will be announced for Ascoin to be included in daily life.

Q1 2022 Ascoin First Partner AirDrop Campaign

The first joint AirDrop campaign with our partner will start.

Q2 2022 Listing on Other Crypto Exchanges

Ascoin will be listed on other leading cryptocurrency exchanges.

Q2 2022 Ascoin Invest Program Start

The Ascoin Invest program will officially start and the preliminary preparations for the second phase applications will be completed.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Ascoin, the Pre-sale process (ICO), and cryptocurrencies in the section below. You can contact us for different questions.

What is ICO?

ICO (Initial Coin Offering) means Initial Coin Offering in our language. It works as a way to raise funds for apps and services that teams that issue a new cryptocurrency will develop to strengthen the project before launching the cryptocurrency. During the ICO process, the pre-sale team tells people how much will be sold in total, at what rates the total supply of the cryptocurrency is divided for what types of areas. In addition, it tells people what kind of projects they will develop in order to become investors in the ICO process.

To buy Ascoin, after registering at wallet.ascoin.io, go to the Buy Ascoin tab on the left and select the amount and payment method to be purchased. If crypto money is selected as the payment method, you will be able to purchase Ascoin if you send the amount specified by the system to the wallet address given by the system, without missing or excess.

If you want to buy Ascoin from the pre-sale during the Ascoin ico process; You can buy Ascoin using Credit/Debit Card, USDT, BTC, ETH, XRP, XMR, DOGE, LTC and BNB. If our users who want to buy in TL do not want to use a debit card, they can pay by buying coins from the AscoINDEX stock exchange or any crypto currency exchange they wish.

A crypto currency that you invest in the ICO process can make a very serious rise in the following period. However, depending on the future of the project and the reliability of the team, the opposite may be the case. In addition, since you are one of the first to buy a newly released coin during the ICO process, it is more likely that you have an investment that is far from the Whale effect, which invests a large amount and directly affects the coin price.

How Many Ascoins Will Be Sold?

A total of 600,000,000 Ascoins (ASC) will be offered for sale during the ICO process.

If you choose the Stake option when purchasing Ascoins, you will lock your Ascoins in the stake pool for 6 months, after which you will earn 15% more ascoins. (For example, 1150 ASC instead of 1000 ASC) This shows that you trust the future of the project and ensures that your investment will support the development of the project for 6 months. Naturally, the project takes firmer steps in both advertising campaigns and project development processes. This has a positive effect on the coin price.

If you are not staking, you can use your purchased coins from September 1, 2021. If you have staked, your Ascoins will be locked for 6 months from the date of purchase. Since the staking system works automatically, our team cannot change your staking status.

The ICO process is legal as long as the established rules are followed. In this regard, it is not legal to make direct pre-sales with Turkish Lira within the borders of the Republic of Turkey. For this reason, you cannot buy Ascoin with TL.

What is Ascoin?

Ascoin is a digital asset issued by the AscoINDEX exchange, created by A&S Investment Holding, in 2021. Having its own blockchain network, Ascoin is built on a network independent of other networks with "doublebsha256 pow".

It is the project of the AscoINDEX exchange, created by Ascoin A&S Investment Holding. While the owner of the Ascoin project is the AscoINDEX exchange, the total amount of Ascoin that the company keeps out of supply in the total supply is 15% (300 Million ASC).

No, Ascoin does not support smart contract structure.

Ascoin is prepared as a coin running on its own blockchain network. For this reason, money transfers will be realized both quickly and at low cost. Not to be confused with tokens operating on public networks..

Currently, it is illegal to use cryptocurrencies as a payment method within the borders of the Republic of Turkey. If a new law is passed on this subject, it will be possible to pay with Ascoin. If crypto money payments are legal in your region, you can also use it as a payment tool.

Are My Ascoins Safe?

All supply is kept in cold wallets during the pre-sale period. On September 1, 2021, your ascoins will be transferred to the exchange and stored in hot and warm wallets with high security measures.

No, Ascoin is not yet stored on the trustwallet.

All transactions you perform on Ascoin.io and AscoINDEX.com sites are encrypted and stored with high security measures within the scope of KVKK and our Privacy Policy. In any way, your personal data will not be shared with private third-party institutions.

Transfers and wallets that take place on the ascoin network can be audited in a completely transparent way via the Ascoin Explorer address. However, it is not possible to identify the wallet owners in any way, and such a request cannot be made from the Ascoin team.

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